Becky G

Becky G was born for the spotlight. The 20-year-old star, whose achievements already include a number one hit on the Billboard’s Latin Charts (“Can’t Get Enough” with Pitbull), scoring a breakout role on the top-rated FOX drama series Empire and landing her first feature film role in Lionsgate’s anticipated Saban’s Power Rangers, is embarking on a multifaceted career shaping up to be nothing short of iconic. Next up on the teenage sensation’s feverish agenda? Her long-awaited album, a debut the proud Mexican-American artist is recording fully in Spanish.

“I’m trying something new,” Becky says in regards to the project, which follows up 2013’s Play It Again EP. “I’m so proud of my roots and I’ve always loved Spanish music. Because I’m such a big fan and I knew I could make it, I felt like, why not? I had just finished filming Power Rangers and it was the perfect time to start a new chapter.”

Becky describes the album as “urban with mainstream pop appeal,” a fun, story-driven set to serve as inspiration for her devoted “Beasters” fan base—including 14 million supporters following her every move on social media.