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Gnome Alone — From the producer of Shrek and the director of Nut Job, Gnome Alone is an energetic animated movie about one girl's journey to discover the hero within herself. After moving to a new city with her mother, Chloe (Becky G) finds herself in a new house that creaks, a new school with creeps, and mysterious garden gnomes that are kind of freaky.

Directed by Peter Lepeniotis (The Nut Job). Screenplay by Michael Schwartz and Zina Zaflow based on a screen story by Rob Moreland (Happily N’Ever After) and a story by Micah Herman & Kyle Newman (Barely Lethal, Fanboys).



Chloe and her mom are moving AGAIN! Forced to move into a decrepit old house filled with garden gnomes, Chloe soon discovers that this house is hiding something terrifyingly big.

While home alone after school, Chloe and a nosy neighbor named Liam discover that the gnomes are actually alive! As it turns out, for years the gnomes have been protecting the planet from menacing little monsters called Troggs, who have invaded the house through a portal from another world.

When the only solution that will stop the Troggs falls into the wrong hands at school, Chloe and Liam will have to team up with the rag-tag group of gnomes, to fight off the Trogg invasion and save the world!






Charming — From the producer of Shrek, Charming is an irreverent animated comedy about a handsome young prince with irresistible appeal who meets a kick-ass maiden outlaw interested only in his royal riches. Directed by Ross Venokur. 


Cursed as a child under a magic spell, Prince Philip Charming (Wilmer Valderrama) compulsively proposes to every woman he encounters, leaving a trail of lovesick ladies and scorned lovers to wreak vengeful havoc on the kingdom.

Prince Philip's exasperated father, King Charming, ultimately gives the young prince an ultimatum: find true love before his 21st birthday or lose claim to the throne.


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